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As an exquisite Southern California desert resort, the Toscana Country Club is in a league of its own. This private, gated enclave of only 626 luxury homes and home sites provides its affluent residents with unrivaled comforts and recreation inside uniquely picturesque settings. Wake up to views of rolling, world-class golf fairways or have dinner to a backdrop of the majestic Santa Rosa Mountains – this is just the beginning of the benefits when investing in Toscana real estate for sale.

Boutique-style and upscale Toscana Indian Wells homes appeal to homebuyers who seek the very finest in desert living. When not playing tennis, golf or indulging in a superb spa day in the Club’s splendid facilities, residents can relax or meet friends in any of the seven impressive hillside buildings that make up the Toscana Country Club’s communal spaces. Those who live here will agree that an investment in Toscana real estate for sale is more than just a smart property purchase - it is an investment in an enhanced quality of life.

Indian Wells Real Estate for sale

Are you considering purchasing Toscana Indian Wells, CA real estate? You will be pleased to find homes that feature everything from fireplaces to libraries and private verandas with breathtaking views. Spacious, comfortable and often accompanied by separate guesthouses and multiple car garages, Toscana real estate for sale leave nothing to be desired. If there ever was a preeminently opulent desert community to call home, the Toscana Country Club is it.

To learn more about Toscana real estate for sale or the lifestyle in this sought-after luxury community, contact Diane Williams & Associates today.